wabbit, west in peace

Me '84 Rabbit GTI was sick.  Gas mileage was way down.  Gas fumes were a nice perfume, but they were lately getting kind of strong.  Into Al's garage went me Wabbit, where it has always gone since coming here from Buffalo.

i called Al Sat morn to see when i could pick it up, but he told me something else.  He told me it was over.  i couldn't say a word.  "...your gas tank was rusted out, so i got you a new one.  But theres too much rust.  You can't do it.  It doesn't make sense.  You need a new car."

You shouldn't get attached to your car.  Its only a stupid machine.  But i was attached to me Wabbit.  i loved its wild smells and rattles, and it was a blast to drive.  i loved taking people for a drive, though they didn't always share my enthusiasm. The armrest on the passenger side was scratched and indented where visitors had dug their nails.  But occasionally people (men only) would come up to me and compliment me with "cool car dude", and i knew it to be one of the great car designs of all time (Giorgio Giugiaro), though my Americanized version of the original was a lesser design.  i spent the weekend thinking about my history with this car, and how impossible it would be to replace.  yik.

Anyway, i already miss my Rabbit.  and Rat Fink.  and Bert lounging in the back (above).


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