For some reason i decided to buy a padlock for me gym locker while i was at the grocery store.  This is known as "stupid".  i bought some cheapbutt piece 'ocrap made in guesswhere  that cost maybe $2.60, including tax.

>>6 months.  i was being a peaceful type, wet things dripping from me rippling geezer meats, trying to undo my cheapbutt as i just got back to my locker from the stankygym shower, when the thing just came apart in my hand.  All of a sudden, i had a handful of lock parts.  i wasn't even turning it hard, though i think i might have yawned.  It just went to pieces.  In my hand.  It was kinda funny, seeing as it was supposed to be a security device.  Imagine being the burglar trying to break into a gym locker, and having the lock come apart in your hand.  You'd think you just met Jesus.  i decorated the fuker..


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