Salty corner

Way back i remodeled me kitten chin, fuzzing it with cuteness, also known as bead board, and installing a dish bubbler all modern and silent, except that it called for salt to be poured into its innards.  Looking online, i found some obscure product called "Somat", that was highly recommended.  The stuff has been sitting in a closet for a couple of years until i finally got tired of seeing these boxes i ordered taking up valuable rag and snorkel space, so i broke out the boxes and poured in the salt, needed or not.

But first, beauty struck!  A handful of nose hairs fell onto my lap not really.  On the corner of the box was the instruction to "press here".  The corner of the box?  i've opened a few boxes in my time, and never have i been instructed to "press here" on the corner of a box.  i was thinking shit, i'm going to have to struggle with this stupid gimmick cause its just not going to do what it's pretending is going to happen.  But i was wrong.  It opened effortlessly.  What an ingenious use of the tension that naturally exists between adjacent sides of a box about its corner.  Whats more, the corner of the box forms a natural spout for the ingredients to pour out when you tip the box.

Press here


This is such an unexpected articulation of the corner / diagonal in packaging; something i might have expected the Japanese to have produced given their natural inclination toward articulation of the diagonal within an orthogonal system.  But not the Germans.

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