Come and vanish

What should a train station be?  A gate to welcome?  Or leave?  An expression of shear as the comings and goings of a city?  A gathering place?  An expression of motion?  i'm sure it could be all of these, and has been.  Last year i visited Avignon, France, and was impressed with their train station for the TGV designed by the transit authority SNCF and Jean-Marie Duthilleul with Jean-François Blassel.  It made me think of travel less as the "going someplace" than the simple "going".  It contained an expression of the planet as a round thing that one could go round and round; it seemed to say "why stay in this spot, when you could so easily disappear by simply moving?"

The device used to generate this effect is a gentle curve, which by itself wouldn't do enough work, so in addition the building tapers to each end of the plan curve, the effect being that as and one enters (in the middle of the curve) and looks to each direction the building creates a strong forced perspective, and does so with one just standing there, no movement, or trains, necessary.

The use of ramps to reach the platform further reinforces the building's inclination (not a pun) towards movement.

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