Light ed

How much thought goes into a light switch?  For most of us its a toggle switch, and its duty is to send electrons or not.  But what if it's designed in such a way that it articulates its function of providing light or ending it?  The switch above i found in a cheap hotel in Paris, and it does just that.  The design is deceptively simple, with a chamfered face that brilliantly catches light on its upper face while the lower face remains in shadow.  The switch itself teeters between the two faces, belonging to light or belonging to shadow depending on how its switched, as if awake or sleeping.  The plane of the switch that doesn't become coplanar with one face of the plate becomes an interruption of the opposite face, disturbing the harmony of its light by catching it and throwing it back into the room as you can see above.  The real beauty of the switch is less that it can be switched on and off than that it switches between light and dark.

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